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Shenzhen Kecheng Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Kecheng Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hubei Taijing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 603738). The total area of the factory is more than 6,000 square meters, the number of employees is 200, and the total capital is tens of millions of yuan. Our company now has more than 40 sets of precision processing equipment, 73 sets of ordinary and high-speed automatic punching machines, and more than 20 sets of quality inspection equipment such as optical projectors and 2.5-dimensional.

development path:

1. In June 2011, the company was founded by the largest shareholder “Hubei Taijing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.” (stock code: 603738), mainly engaged in precision metal stamping;

2. In the beginning of 2012, the market share of technical talents introduced from Japanese counterparts increased rapidly;

3. In January 2013, the outer casing and the valve ring production line each increased by doubling the production capacity;

4. In August 2015, the company acquired two electroplating companies and established the “Electroplating Division”. Become a “one-stop supporting service” enterprise with metal stamping and surface plating treatment;

5. In 2016, two sets of lead frame blanking dies were added;

6. The monthly production capacity of stampings in March 2017 reached 250 million;

7. In December 2017, it transformed into the production of mobile phone structural parts;

In March of 8.2018, the newly rented factory was 2000 square meters, and the production line of Apple mobile phone hardware accessories was introduced;

In July 9.2018, Apple's medium plate and shrapnel were officially mass-produced.




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* ISO9001 international quality system

* ISO9001 international quality system...

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Our products are widely used in various types of electronic products, medical equipment, mobile phone parts, auto parts and other precision hardware..


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